The following list of contraindications show medical conditions for which it is not allowed to use the VibroGym without consulting your doctor first.

Contra indications and precautions together with the potential associated consequences.

Epilepsy Fractures; damage of body tissue due to falling
(Severe) headache Fainting; visual disorder, out of conscious, fractures, damage of body tissue
Cognitive impairment Fractures; damage of body tissue due to falling
Dementia Fractures; damage of body tissue due to falling
Dropouts Fractures; damage of body tissue due to falling
Blurred vision and serious ocular diseases Fractures; damage of body tissue due to falling
Acute hernia, discopathy, spondylosis Damage of the spine
Serious cardiovascular disease; Serious degrees of decompensated chronic heart failure Death; acute decompensation
High-risk hypertension Death; acute decompensation
Pacemaker Heart failure; asystolic, death
Acute trombosis Heart attack,TIA or stroke, Lung emboli
Severe diabetis Fainting, visual disorder, out of conscuious, fractures, damage of body tissue due to falling, gastroparese, gastroparalysis
Low extremity ulcers Non-healing infection
Recent infections Increase of inflammation
Tumors Metastasis; death
Recent wounds from surgery Non-healing, infection
Recent fractures Non-healing
Acute tendonitis Non-healing
Rheumatoid arthritis Non-healing, Damage to the joint
Hip and knee implants Mitigtation
Recently placed alien implants like pins, screws, plates and coils Mitigtation
Pregnancy Miscarriage
Recently placed IUD’s ( intra uterine devices Pregnancy, migration
Gallstones Nausea, vomiting, pain, biliair obstruction
Kidney stones Nausea, vomiting, pain, urogenital obstruction


  • Inexperienced users should always use the VibroTraining® Poster and the VibroTraining® introduction programme for guidance.
  • Wear comfortable footwear and sportswear.
  • Always use the VibroMat when doing exercises during which you touch the vibration platform without shoes or with parts of your body other than your feet.
  • Remove any loose jewellery.
  • Always stop exercising immediately when feeling dizzy or light-headed.
  • Before, during and after training make sure to hydrate yourself properly.
  • Inexperienced users shouldn’t over do training, 3 times a week is optimal.
  • Always inspect the VibroGym for broken or worn parts prior to using the machine.
  • Exercises that can be performed unilaterally should be repeated with the same intensity on both sides.
  • For the best results select a vibration frequency of 30Hz, 35Hz or 40Hz for strengthening and stretching, with 40Hz or 50Hz for massage.
  • Dynamic exercises should be performed under control with good technique.
  • Be careful when stepping down from the VibroGym.
  • Always put the weight on the middle of the platform to ensure best durability of the VibroGym.


  • Never use the VibroGym if one or more contra indications is applicable, without consulting your physician (see list of contra indications).
  • The VibroGym should never be set up in rooms with high humidity.
  • Never sit on the platform with a straight back.
  • Never put your head or belly on the platform.
  • Inexperienced users should never use additional weights for VibroTraining®.
  • The vibration platform should never carry more than 140 kg/308 lbs.
  • Inexperienced users of VibroTraining® should refrain from training in the “high-amplitude” modus, until comfortable with the vibration.
  • Never do the stretching exercises quickly, let the tension increase slowly.


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